Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School!!

Well the boys were so excited to go back to school this morning they thought they needed to be up by 6:45. They were so cute. They kept talking about lunch and how Mason gets to stay all day at school and Bradley was telling Mason all the stuff about his teacher he needed to know and how much homework he is going to have. I remember when I was little and how excited I was to go to school the first day in my new cute school clothes. They had there clothes picked out last night all set and ready to go this morning. I pray everyday that these boys will have respect for the kids and especially there teachers. Hope they have a good day and a good school year. I love you boys. Gotta love Idaho weather. It was 48 degrees this morning and raining. Here are a few pictures of them. :)

There cute school clothes and looking cute on there first day of school!! :)

Ready to go!

Leaving the House.

Boys on the bus!

Love & Miss this Man!!

Well today is a Happy day the kids go back to school and also a sad day. Today is Brad's Birthday (Justin's Dad). Some days I wish we could go back in time and I could have met this man. Justin and I met after Brad past away. Each one of the boys (Justin and his brothers) resemble him in one way or another. I love just getting around the boys and listening to them all reminisce about there Dad. They all sit and laugh and tell stories about him and how he was and how he would be if he were here. We can't take it back cause it was Gods plan unfortunately to take him early but we miss him. I wish he were here to see his boys and how they are to there kids and there wife's. He would be so proud of them in all they do and there accomplishments. I know he is close though and watches over us everyday. We love and miss you Brad!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CNA course here I come!!

So I started on Monday my CNA course in Idaho Falls at EITC. I'm pretty nervous about it but it should be pretty easy. Well let me take that back. So tonight we had class and were trying to learn the blood pressure stethoscope thing and lets just say I ended up showing everyone in my class what a boob I was due to the fact I got so frustrated cause I couldn't hear a thing. So I was pretty upset and came home bawling to Justin and the sweet husband I have helped me until I figured it out I had the ear pieces in my ears wrong the whole time and I thought I just couldn't hear. Also I figured out even though I'm not at a church school there are a lot of people out there who are willing to help and help you succeed with them. I had so many people in class trying to help me tonight just so I could understand how to do it. Thanks friends in my class. :) Also I have such a sweet lady in my class whom is in my sisters ward in Rigby and I just love her already. Cindy Schaat you are such an awesome woman and I can't wait to get to know you more and love you just like as if you were my mom. :) Well here is one of the uniforms I had to get for class. Yes it is big cause I wanted something comfy for my rotations I have to do (no I may look prego but I'm not). Here you have it me going into the CNA course. (More events coming in the next couple of weeks so I can update more. Stay Tuned.)

No more excuses!! I'll strive to do better!! :)

Okay! I know it has been forever since I have posted anything. Okay I have now finished 2 semester since the last post and put kids in swim lessons and now I'm back in school again in a CNA course in Idaho Falls and will be taking 9 credits up to BYUI too. My kids start school on Monday and I can't wait and either can they. That will change when they get older. :) Also my baby is going to be 1 in a week. Wow time has gone by to quickly. I can't believe it. I'm so grateful for and awesome husband who supports me in everything and helps me out 100%. Thanks Justin I will owe you big when school is done. Also this post is for Family in Denver so they know I will STRIVE to do better at posting since that is the only way we can see each other and see the kids. :) It is not a promise but I will try to be better at it.