Monday, April 20, 2009

The Verdict is.......GIRL!!!!

Yipee!! We are having a girl. We are so excited. I think I'm still in shock though. I don't know how to do a girl but I guess will so find out. I'm excited to go shop though for pink. PARK CITY here I come!!! We feel so blessed to have a cute little girl join our family and can't wait. Still measuring at 18 weeks. Please come early.:) We are so excited if you can't tell!!:) (I would show the ultrasounds but they have to be explained to, to realize what it is.)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 20th!!

Well I went to the Dr. yesterday and I scheduled for my ultrasound on April 20th. We are way excited. The Dr. was delivering a baby and so I just seen the nurse. She was looking for the heart beat and she couldn't find it. Last time it was really low and I said I've gotten really big up higher are you sure its not up higher. So she said well lets just check. So come to find out there it was. She told me that I was not measuring at 16 weeks. If the baby was that high I've got to be at least 18 weeks. That was good news. I always go early so maybe they will actually change the due date. We will see on April 20th. That will be the exciting results. Boy or Girl? Come back and see later!!:)