Thursday, June 19, 2008

There Here! The Twin Dial Boys!!

What a relief for Becca. They are finally here. Ryan Ruger(A) and Hunter Paul(B). Ruger weighed 6lbs. 7oz. & 19in & Hunter weighed 7lbs. 3oz.& 19.5 in. Becca looked great. They are so cute. Hunter obviously got a lot of the food. They have there Mom's nose and Dad's mouth. They look like big sister Emily when she was born. They are both healthy and in with Mom & Dad. Congrats Ryan & Becca. What cute boys you have. What a blessing and such a miracle they are here. But man do you have your hands full for the next couple of years.=) Congrats and you know who to call when you need help with them or Emily. Love ya!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Father's Day/Birthday Justin!!

Justin's Birthday was the day after Father's day. I hope he had 2 wonderful days to enjoy. For Father's day I bought him a 10 punch golf pass and for his Birthday I got him a Chain Saw and a game for his PS3. I think he got spoiled but he needed the attention since it was Father's Day and he shares a birthday with his Mom. He is always so thoughtful to me so I thought I would be in return. He is such a great husband, father, & Dad. I love you Justin and I hope you had 2 great days.

Happy "50th" Deanne!!

So we had a surprise Birthday Party for Deanne on Saturday. It was a big surprise for her. I think she enjoyed it. I'm sure glad it is over though it was a lot of planning for me and my sister-in-law Becca (who is expecting twins anyday). We picked her up in a chrysler limo and they took us to the Ameritel Inn in Idaho Falls for the party. Thanks to all that helped with decorations and setting up. I hope you had a wonderful day Deanne.

Bear World

It was finally a nice day in Idaho on Friday so we (Grandpa Mickelsen & I) loaded the kids up and went to Bear World. The kids loved it and especially loved hanging out with there Grandpa. Of course Grandpa spoiled them rotten. We went through the park, petting zoo, rides, and ate & shopped. Thanks Grandpa (Dad) for a fun time that day. Then the Bradley & Mason got to spend the night with Grandma & Grandpa that night with no parents. When they came home Saturday the boys cried they wanted to stay. How cute is that? I wouldn't have minded at all. Thanks Mom & Dad!! We love you! I'll post some pictures when I can steal them from my dad!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Erickson Get Together

We had a Erickson get together on Saturday and of course I forgot my camera. So if you want to see pictures you need to go to Tara & Cole's blog. It was fun visiting with family and how much it has grown. It use to be just us cousins and now it is us and now our kids running around. The funnest thing was Jason and Gini's boy peeing by the tree and #2. I'm glad it was there kid and surprised it wasn't mine. It was a lot of fun. Good planning Jake & Tara. I was there so I'm off the hook for the next planning.=) We missed who wasn't able to make it. Maybe next time!!