Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A New Beginning!!

Soooooo!!! I know it has been forever since I have posted anything so here is what we have been up too. The holidays were awesome of course and spent a lot of time with family. January came and I started back into school last of my pre-requisites until I apply for the LPN program in March. January was a fast month and now into February.

I have been married to my best friend and eternal companion for 10 years!! Where has the time gone. I fall more in love with him everyday and I don't know what I would do without his love and support everyday. Love ya Justin!! Hopefully for an anniversary we can get away to Vegas in a couple of months. I want a get away for our 10 years but we will see. :)

For Valentines day we had a murder mystery party we attended and for those who don't know me I hate costume parties. But after all the stress about costumes it was so much fun. We had fabulous food and awesome company. (I'll post professional pictures later when we get a copy of them.)
Justin as the Baseball Player!!

Me as a Singer!!

Now the end of February has been crazy!! I found a job!!! I am going to be a CNA a a new rehabilitation place in Idaho Falls called Promontory Point. I haven't started but am really excited and nervous at the same time. It is a night shift. I have never worked a night shift so a lot of Mountain Dew this weekend will probably be my best friend to keep me awake. That is the only part I am worried about. I love working with the elderly people.

Well I hope everyone is doing well and my goal is to be better a blogging. Sorry Whitney and Lindsey!! :) I promise I'm going to work on it so you can be more informed.

Until next time!! (Hopefully sooner then later) :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's Great to be 8!!!

Bradley turned 8 on the 3rd of November. Since I had school that night we had a little party with his friends on the 4th at Leo's. It was so fun and he had a blast with his friend and grandparents.

Bradley and his friends and brothers

Bradley and his cake

Then on Saturday the 6th he got baptized. He was so cute and excited to get baptized and to be able to "wash his sins away". He kept saying that he was excited to do that. It was such a special day and were grateful for the family and friends that were here and all the others who couldn't thought of him on this very special day. We love you Bradley and are glad you made this decision in your life. When you look back in life you will be so grateful for the Atonement of Christ and what it means to have baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. Justin gave such an awesome blessing and the spirit was so strong there. Of course I cried. I'm glad I have a worthy husband who holds the priesthood worthily. I love you Justin too. (Here are a few pictures of the special day.)

Bradley and Justin getting ready for the big day

Our Family on his special day!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bradley lost his first tooth FINALLY!!

Ya I was pretty sad last night. I called home on my break at school and Justin told me Bradley had something to tell me. Bradley said mom, "I've got a surprise for you." What's that Bradley? "I pulled put my tooth." I was so excited. He did it all by himself to0. Bradley is going to be 8 in less then a month and I was wondering when he was going to be losing teeth. I was so happy but sad at the same time cause I wasn't home to celebrate with him. Oh-well. I'm over it now, but its about time he lost a tooth. Good job Bradley!! Excuse the picture. I woke him up when I got home to take a picture. The tooth fairy gave him a dollar!! :)


Okay,can I just say I'm sick of Doctors offices, and everyone in our house hold being sick. This last month we have all got the flu except Bradley and Justin. We have all gotten colds. Justin got the friendly kidney stones. Poor thing. He couldn't go to work for almost a week cause he was so drugged up with pain medication. I hope I never have these things. The Dr. called him a true man cause he passed 2. He delivered twins. :) That is our joke in our family. Here is a picture of the 2 he passed but if you could imagine that coming out it makes you hurt even though they look so little. They aren't smooth at all they are jagged all the way around them. I'm just glad Justin is feeling so much better.

Mya just had a reaction to the MMR shot.She broke out in a huge rash and when I took her in they thought it was chicken pox until I told them she got shots awhile ago and the reaction after this shots happens with 12-13 days after the shot. Poor little thing she has been a crab lately and that is why cause of this.

Please let us be with good health until next year. Please!!! :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mya Surgery

Mya had surgery this morning to get tubes put in her ears. She has had 4 ear infections in like 4 months so it was time to do something cause I was getting sick of it. We were there at 5:40 and we left at 8. It was the fastest surgery and recovery ever. She was such a trooper. This was the only picture we got of Mya in her 4 times to big gown and her teddy bear they gave her. (Don't mind me in the picture) You wouldn't have even guessed she had it done cause she is acting so normal. I wish all surgeries were like this. Oh and also don't forget I had to take her earrings out and of course someone had to call my bald headed, pink blanket baby a BOY!!!! I was so irritated. I can't wait until she gets hair but if she follows after her mom it will be awhile. Sorry Mya!! :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mya's Birthday!!

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Mya's Birthday was so fun!! I can't believe she is 1 already. This year has gone so fast. We love this little girl. She is going to be busy like her older brother Bradley. She looks a lot like Mason but she has the girl look. I must say I'm pretty jealous cause she has longer eyelashes then me. We are so glad she is part of our family. It is so nice to have pink in the house besides all blue. Blue was my favorite color but now pink is. :) She got lots of clothes and some doll toys. We love you little Mya!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School!!

Well the boys were so excited to go back to school this morning they thought they needed to be up by 6:45. They were so cute. They kept talking about lunch and how Mason gets to stay all day at school and Bradley was telling Mason all the stuff about his teacher he needed to know and how much homework he is going to have. I remember when I was little and how excited I was to go to school the first day in my new cute school clothes. They had there clothes picked out last night all set and ready to go this morning. I pray everyday that these boys will have respect for the kids and especially there teachers. Hope they have a good day and a good school year. I love you boys. Gotta love Idaho weather. It was 48 degrees this morning and raining. Here are a few pictures of them. :)

There cute school clothes and looking cute on there first day of school!! :)

Ready to go!

Leaving the House.

Boys on the bus!