Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mya Surgery

Mya had surgery this morning to get tubes put in her ears. She has had 4 ear infections in like 4 months so it was time to do something cause I was getting sick of it. We were there at 5:40 and we left at 8. It was the fastest surgery and recovery ever. She was such a trooper. This was the only picture we got of Mya in her 4 times to big gown and her teddy bear they gave her. (Don't mind me in the picture) You wouldn't have even guessed she had it done cause she is acting so normal. I wish all surgeries were like this. Oh and also don't forget I had to take her earrings out and of course someone had to call my bald headed, pink blanket baby a BOY!!!! I was so irritated. I can't wait until she gets hair but if she follows after her mom it will be awhile. Sorry Mya!! :)

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Our Family said...

All three of my girls have had to get tubes.... It is such a blessing!!!! I am glad that everything went well, and she is going to be so much happier now. (just don't let the goo coming out of her ear bug you)