Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bradley lost his first tooth FINALLY!!

Ya I was pretty sad last night. I called home on my break at school and Justin told me Bradley had something to tell me. Bradley said mom, "I've got a surprise for you." What's that Bradley? "I pulled put my tooth." I was so excited. He did it all by himself to0. Bradley is going to be 8 in less then a month and I was wondering when he was going to be losing teeth. I was so happy but sad at the same time cause I wasn't home to celebrate with him. Oh-well. I'm over it now, but its about time he lost a tooth. Good job Bradley!! Excuse the picture. I woke him up when I got home to take a picture. The tooth fairy gave him a dollar!! :)


Okay,can I just say I'm sick of Doctors offices, and everyone in our house hold being sick. This last month we have all got the flu except Bradley and Justin. We have all gotten colds. Justin got the friendly kidney stones. Poor thing. He couldn't go to work for almost a week cause he was so drugged up with pain medication. I hope I never have these things. The Dr. called him a true man cause he passed 2. He delivered twins. :) That is our joke in our family. Here is a picture of the 2 he passed but if you could imagine that coming out it makes you hurt even though they look so little. They aren't smooth at all they are jagged all the way around them. I'm just glad Justin is feeling so much better.

Mya just had a reaction to the MMR shot.She broke out in a huge rash and when I took her in they thought it was chicken pox until I told them she got shots awhile ago and the reaction after this shots happens with 12-13 days after the shot. Poor little thing she has been a crab lately and that is why cause of this.

Please let us be with good health until next year. Please!!! :)