Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What #4?

So Okay I'll finally break the news why I haven't been blogging. Since my head has been in the toilet or just laying on the couch we are glad to tell all we are expecting #4 on September 22. Well, I say sooner since I never go to my due date. We are hoping or should I say Praying for PINK!! Because I'm done after this. We will find out the end of April of first part of May. I'm only 12 weeks but man I feel and look like I'm 5 months along. Wow what 4 babies can do to your stomach so fast.:) I'll try to keep you more updated of the months ahead but don't plan on any pictures cause I retain water so bad as it is so this summer is going to suck. We are excited and really hope for a healthy baby whether it is a boy or girl. But PLEASE be PINK!!:)